Jewelry Care

Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Our jewelry is meant to be worn every day, but it can lose its shine over time due to exposure to water, chemicals, and air. Even though we've done our best, metals like silver and gold can still fade because of a process called oxidation. Sometimes, the plating might rub off with regular wear and tear, which is normal and not a manufacturing problem.

Here are some easy ways to make your gold plated jewelry last longer:

  1. Avoid Moisture: While our jewelry can handle some water, it's best to take it off before showering, swimming, or working out. If it does get wet, make sure to dry it completely afterwards.
  2. Allow time for absorption of perfumes and lotions before wearing your jewelry: Let your skin absorb lotions, creams, and perfumes before putting on your jewelry.
  3. Clean Gently: Use a soft dry cloth, like the one we provide with your order, to gently wipe your jewelry after each use. This removes any oils or dust and brings back its shine.
  4. Store Carefully: When you're not wearing your jewelry, keep it in your jewelry box in a cool, dry place. This helps prevent it from getting scratched, oxidized, or tangled.
  5. Handle with Care: Try not to knock your jewelry against hard surfaces or let pieces rub against each other. If jewelry gets damaged from rough handling, it's not considered a manufacturing issue.

Cleaning Your Jewelry:

  1. Quick Wipe: After wearing your jewelry, give it a quick wipe with a soft cloth or a jewelry cloth.
  2. Soak: In a small bowl, mix warm water with a few drops of mild soap. Let your jewelry soak for five to 10 minutes.
  3. Remove Dirt: If there's any dirt stuck in the jewelry, gently scrub it with a cotton swab or a soft-bristled baby toothbrush.
  4. Dry Thoroughly: Rinse the jewelry, then dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth. Buff the surface to make it shine.